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I Eat Fear for Breakfast….

I just wrapped up my quarterly retreat with my business mastermind in Phoenix. And while I was the only lawyer in the room, I wasn’t the only entrepreneur who struggles with mindset issues and childhood trauma that affects how I show up every day; especially in my business. If I’m honest, it is much easier for me to help my clients through issues than it is for me to help myself.

In keeping it 100% real with you, I have to put in the work daily. I have all of the things I advocate to you in my weekly posts - a therapist, acupuncture treatments, massages - but there is the deeper, core work that requires a deeper level of commitment to myself that I don’t always meet. My goal for this quarter and next year is to bring an even better version of myself to my business. I know this means I have to make some investments and a few leaps of faith that make me so nervous. But I have to remember that I didn’t get here without being afraid – I just did it anyway. Even though I may wake up with fear, I have to eat it and move on knowing that what is on the other side is better for me. I hope that my clients know how much they mean to me. I hope that you trust and support me as I grow this year. I will bring another attorney into the practice so that I can expand the way I serve you. So, if you see me or think of me, please send the love my way. I’m sending you mine every day.

Take care,


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