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Forgiveness is key.

Being an attorney, I have many traits that can be considered as part of a type “A” personality. I can over-think things and always want everything to be perfect. However, one of the problems that this causes is that I hold on to the negative aspect of things for too long and sometimes I am much harder on myself than I am on others. This has been exhausting.

A few years ago, I attended a conference that focused on forgiveness. Until then, I didn’t realize how important it is to forgive myself. I have learned to give myself grace and let myself off the hook sometimes. I’m not perfect, but I am fine just as I am. As long as my intentions are pure, I should not be concerned about the outcome – that is controlled by something much greater than me.

Please take a moment to forgive yourself for your mistakes, judgments, shortcomings or whatever you hold against yourself. If you are still standing today, let go of what happened yesterday.

Take Care,


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