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Who is Lakisha N. Dean Esquire?

Before starting my own firm in 2009, I served as a prosecutor in Pennsylvania and a law guardian (children’s attorney) in New Jersey.

I am admitted to practice law in New Jersey. The first in my family to complete college, I am a proud graduate of Columbia University and Temple Law School.  
As the founder of a thriving law practice, a wife, and a mother of two wonderful children, I know the importance my own wellbeing plays in having a healthy family and successful business. I am certified in Reiki and practice (Hot) Yoga.



Hi! I'm Claudia from Colombia,

I have been in the United States for 12 years. I earned a degree in Paralegal Studies from Camden County College. I'm absolutely thrilled, and thankful to be working in this law firm.  I love sports, mostly soccer, however, I fell in love with American football, basketball and baseball. I love spending time with my loved ones. I'm here to serve you and help not only English speakers, but also to help the Spanish speaking community.


Asia Jones


I'm a college student in the Paralegal Studies Program. I have resided in Mount Laurel, New Jersey for over 12 years and I grew up in the immediately surrounding area. In my free time I love to explore the many different hiking/walking trails in South Jersey. I chose to work in the family law sector of the legal world because I understand first hand how important it is for children to benefit from their family unit, no matter the dynamic.

Claudia Kelly




The Reason Why

Our mission is to empower clients and allow their voices to be heard in the courtroom.


Our focus is driven more by a holistic approach of meeting the clients' needs while fighting for the best results possible.


We provide legal advice and support to parents who need help overcoming the issues of divorce, custody and parenting time.


Our goal is to provide a level of support necessary to allow parents the ability to show up and be fully present for their families. 

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