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Many parents in family law matters are increasingly relying on the courts to resolve their disputes, especially when it comes to custody issues. While the court can be a great tool for resolution in certain cases, there are times when it is not the best solution. This was recently demonstrated by a case I represented in which the court came up with its own custody schedule. All too often, this type of decision-making cannot take into account the best interests of both parents and children. We must remember, the Judge is a third party that does not know all of the unique needs of your family.

As a family law attorney, I understand that having an experienced legal professional as part of your team is important during any kind of dispute climate. However, it's also important to remember that sometimes parents don't need a courtroom setting and formal legal process to achieve their desired outcome or outcome that works better for them and their children. Alternatives to going through trial can include negotiation or mediation between parties before getting to litigation or even seeking counseling or therapy services outside of courtrooms. These methods are often much more successful because they allow parties to work together in order to come up with solutions tailored specifically for them and their situation without relying on potentially inflexible court orders from a third party who does not have complete knowledge about all aspects of the case. This is why I always stress the importance of communication.

While courtroom proceedings may have some value in certain types of family law disputes, it’s important for parents to recognize that there are sometimes other ways forward more suitable for their particular needs and those of their children. Negotiation and mediation provide greater flexibility than simply relying on court decisions alone and can ensure that all parties receive a fair resolution tailored specifically for them without sacrificing time or resources going through expensive trials.

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