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Can I Have My Pink Roses Now, Please?

This week I felt so blessed to be recognized by the National Hook-Up of Black Women (NHBW). This is an organization that serves so many women and children throughout the country through scholarships and programs that address teen pressure, domestic violence and so much more. I am so honored that they value the work I do and the people I serve. But, I was even more honored to be able to celebrate this with my family- especially my children.

So often, we celebrate the accomplishments people make in life after they have left us. We gather at their funeral in sadness and read their obituary to recall all they have done before. But, why do we wait for death? It felt amazing to be able to have my children sit across from me while having a room full of people acknowledge my hard work. Now my children know that what I do means something to others and has an impact on their lives. They understand how important it is to serve others through our work.

I even had family members who drove from out of state to support me. The love and support that was poured into me that night was enough to last a lifetime! It motivated me to work smarter and love harder. I love what I do and it felt amazing to share that with family and friends. Thank you NHBW!!

I know there are so many of you who are working hard and sacrificing for your families. No one ever stops to say “Thank you” or “I appreciate you.” Just know that I pray for you and I see you. You deserve your roses NOW too!

Take care,


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